NEC 411i Mobile

NEW – This is the latest addition to NEC, the picture quality is not the best by any means but still does the job with its not so bad high resolution screen of 176×220. The NEC 411i is quite light and easy to use, the web browser thou I would have to say is very good and beats lots of other mobiles out there on our market, the 411i has a 1.3 mega pixel camera which is not bad at all.

The only thing about the browser is that it does not support flash lite which isn’t the end of the world. All in this entire phone is very good not the best but good. It’s so nice to use in functionality and would defiantly recommend this to anyone. I mean it has its flaws but what mobile doesn’t.

• Weight – 95grams
• Size – 93x46x24mm
• Java Doja 1.5
• Bluetooth, USB, IRDA
• 64k Colours
• i-Mode
• Inbox – 1.3MB, Outbox – 670KB capacity

We have to say that this is a good place to buy from –
eBay UK

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  • Dave
    Has loads more information & discusion on the phone. I have this phone I think it’s really good, has been reliable and is attractive.

  • william

    i think da nec good but it cant recieve bluetooth from other people

  • Josh

    Slow File transfer only thru IR and not Bluetooth. Cannot set Mp3 as Ringtones. Not flexible. Can only paired 1 device at used at a time.

  • Lilly

    I was wondering if someone could tell me how to download mp3 music files onto my new nec 411i mobile. please

  • Murugan

    It’s nice look..But low memory …

    Is any way to increase the memory?

  • marlon

    n411i is not as good as i am expecting. please tell me how to removed the imode setting so that it can be configured by other network that i can download ringtones and send mms

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