New Mobile Phone Launches and Release Dates

There are a fair few new mobile phones coming out soon for 2007 and we will give you some of them that we know off, we will name the phones and what date they will be coming out. If you like nearer the date release of the mobile phone you like let us know by using the contact form or the comments area below and we will find the cheapest store to get the phone. We will help you find what you want that’s a promise.

The new phones that are being launched are –
Nokia N76 – 10-May-07
HTC V1415 Contract – 18-May-07
Nokia N76 Contract – 23-May-07
Sony Ericsson K810i – Contract 25-May-07
Motorola RIZR Z8 – Contract 25-May-07
Samsung U700 – Contract 25-May-07
Motorola W510 – 1-June-07
Sagem MY850 – 26-June-07
Sony Ericsson W660I – 29-June-07

If you like any of the phones above then please let us know and we will find a store when it’s released of where you can get them from.

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  • Kirsty

    Does anyone know if the sony w660i will be released any sooner than June 29th – I really want this phone? Any reviews floating around?

  • michael

    i would like to know when a samsung u700 will be available in shops on pay as you go and how much it will be approximately do you think?

  • Adam

    I’m interesting in the Samsung U700. Any ideas when it’s going to launch over here? My contract comes up for renewal in September, so hopefully the phone will be available in August. Any way you can confirm this?

  • Gino Brigante

    Could you keep me informed on the US release date for the MOTO RIZR Z8? Also, do you know if whether or not it will be released on the Sprint/Nextel network? If so, when?


  • dave

    looking to upgrade in the next week or so, have seen the u700 confirmed for uk release on 14th june, cant say ive seen much advertising for it though unlike the moto z8 could you confirm a current realease date for these two phones for the uk.
    many thanks

  • lisa

    how much is the u700?

  • cassy

    does anybody know when the samsung f520 is going to be released? i can’t seem to find a date anywhere!

  • Richard

    Does anyone have a definate Date for when the N82 will be avaliable to buy in the UK?

  • rob

    does anyone know the uk release date for the sony ericsson c702 ?, all i know is that it is due in the second quarter.

  • Ash

    has anyone got an idea when the W760i Fancy Red will be available in the uk? we have the silver and black ones but I want the red!
    Oh also has anyone got any news on the Ericsson c905 (shiho) ?

  • morgan

    does anyone know when the lg venus pink wil be out in the uk

  • 23fans

    My name is Jordan and I am an avid basketball fan. I can’t wait for the new NBA season. Looking forward to seeing the new look Los angles Lake.

  • unknown

    when will iphone 6 be release

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