Goldvish Le million $1,000,000 (£540,540) Guinness Books of Records Most Expensive Phone

The Goldvish Le million is the most expensive phone on the planet and is a masterpiece, basically in addition to the ILLUSION collection there was a limited amount of exclusive mobile phones the PLATO collection. There were only 100 of these phones made and is only available on special request. These Goldvish Le million handsets are of the highest levels of Swiss craftsmanship and precision. Well for $1,000,000 (£540,540) you should not get anything less should you now.

Goldvish Le million

The Goldvish “Le million” is officially the most expensive mobile phone in the world and we know because the Guinness Books of Records says so, the Goldvish Le million $1,000,000 (£540,540) mobile phone has 120 carats worth of VVS-1 grade diamonds. GoldVish also make the ‘Illusion’, which comes in 15 different incarnations, encrusted with diamonds or not depending on your preference, but always made with at least 140 grams of solid gold. Would you buy one?

Goldvish Le million


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  • Alisa

    Bravo GoldVish! It looks so beautiful, so expensive, so luxurious!!! Would like to get one….ha ha :) Dreaming is not bad, is it?

  • Rich


  • http://google nicolas

    this is a sweet phone.does anyone know from where i can buy it?


  • Juliet

    I have one of these phones, I had ordered it for about four years. It is a rather good phone, but you get rather scared that you are going to drop it. As this phone Is so rare you can not buy protective covers for them which is a shame.

    • Amazedinsomanyways

      You acually baught it! Wow, you must be filthy rich! Lol :)

    • mHiNe28


    • Shanya

      you actually bought this?? did u insure it?? who is the service provider??

  • faizan

    why to keep your life in danger having this mobile!!!!!
    its better place is its market

  • erika

    there are many clones of this phone around, sold at $300-$500. And many store didn't even tell the customer that what they sell is a fake one. So

  • Guest67890

    I'm so gonna buy this phone……NOT! That hideous thing looks like a blingy retarded boomerang. Even if I have $100 million to burn, I wouldn't buy this phone!

  • Matthias

    WOW…. anyone that buys this phone should throw themselves off a cliff… just think what you could do with $1,000,000 (£540,540)… If you even had any conscience you would go out and spend even £600 on an iPhone and give the other £540,000 to charity!!!

    • Adam

      Lol, I agree with you, but I think iphone users should also throw themselves off a cliff for not knowing about good technology.

      • Vertu Gal

        well said. Spend $300 on a phone(galaxy, xperia, N Series, HTC) that has more features than iPhone and donate the rest $300 to charity!

  • Henry

    who modeld thid phone lady gaga?

  • Rene Janos Leutschuk

    just to piss all off I did just bye one Goldvish Le Million but it is in Gold not the one in white Gold but the price was the same will say I use to have iPhone I theink I did have around 65 phones the last 4 years but this phoen beat all other phons just love it

  • Ercillionaire McAsh

    never in my entire life…i would never spend all that money for a phone that doesn’t stand for a recent phone….i rather buy 1 of each phone industry than just one shitty phone

  • Sabitas2

    My company is going to prepare a copy of this phone in bronze and white stones
    price is Rs10000/- 
    if any one want reply me

    • SAAD ALI

      YES I WANT PLZZZZ CONTACT ME +919125888014

  • twitter

    are you serious iphones are better looking

    • Vertu Gal

      iphone is for poor. This one’s for rich kids . Remember the ‘Grapes are sour’ Fox story? 😀

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