Porsche P’9521 Mobile Phone: 0 to 60 in Smart Time

The newly unveiled Porsche P’9521 mobile phone will either win hearts or not, but we can see it will. We have not got a lot of information on pricing or specs but we will do our best to let you know everything we know. The main source we got the information was at i4u plus we scoured the net and emailed to find out more.

Porsche P’9521

The Porsche P9521 from the Porsche Design Mobile Group looks like their co branded phone will do well when it comes out especially from all those Porsche fan clubs, the specifications look to be 3.2 megapixel camera, fingerprint sensor, swivel screen plus EDGE & GSM connectivity.

Porsche P’9521

Porsche P’9521

We are not too sure but Sagem will release a 3G version of the Porsche phone spring 2008 for around about 1200 Euros which is about $1600.

UPDATE – You can now buy this mobile phone from the Carphone Warehouse – CLICK HERE


21 thoughts on “Porsche P’9521 Mobile Phone: 0 to 60 in Smart Time”

  1. Reply
    mosin raza says:

    Hi the P9521 will cost around £800, its alot for a phone but it is by Porsche and don’t expect many people to have one.
    oh and it isn’t available on contract and dont think it ever will be.

  2. Reply
    nejib says:

    picked one up from Dubai Duty Free for AED6,000 or US$1,600
    great phone with basic features, do not expect much from it other than its design

  3. Reply
    max says:

    This phone is available on CutPrcePhone.com for free! Other contract deals available. Fantastic offers that you will not find elsewhere.

  4. Reply
    liam says:

    heya people, if you live in the uk. the carphonewarehouse do it on contract 40 or 50 quid a month and you got to pay £499 for the headset to.

  5. Reply
    Kamrul says:

    Hi, It is very exiting phone as well as the gift of advanced technology. So I like it most.

  6. Reply
    ranajan says:

    what the hell is this price i could get a motorbike though i dont know how to ride anyways its big

  7. Reply
    stevens says:

    it’s must be very sad to buy a phone,you buy it know few moth will be free. think about like iphone

  8. Reply
    Kamrul says:

    I feel proud that I could be chance to work as a Brand promoter of this ccell for the first time in Bangladesh. Besides,at first I sold 2 cell in Chittagong, Bangladesh.Really it is an exititing cell that i have ever seen in my life.In Addition,I found the customers were facinated to have this cell.

  9. Reply
    mAX says:


    i have looked at all the above recommended websites but can not find this phone available in the UK….Does anyone no if i can still get it.?.

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