Samsung m520 slider destined for Sprint shelves

Another awesome slider phone from Samsung is on its way to Sprint shelves, the Samsung m520 is 13mm thick so isn’t the slimmest slider out there, and with stereo Bluetooth, 1.3 megapixel camera, and EV-DO, so you know the drill of these things. Qwest has the Samsung m520 for sale at $90 on contract after rebates, while it is on its way to the shelves of Sprint who will probably price it within the same range. No release date as yet, but we’ll keep an eye out.


Source — phonearena

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2 thoughts on “Samsung m520 slider destined for Sprint shelves”

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    Jake says:

    M520 official release is 2/17 for exclusive dealers and 4/13 for all other dealers. Official SRP is 249.99 price at POS is TBA.

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    Jake says:

    Official release date is 2/17 at SRP 449.99 before any rebates. Phone will be both CDMA and GSM as a replacement for the IP-830w

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