Samsung E250 pink any network pay as you go for £49.99: In time for Valentines

This is a great mobile phone offer one, for only £49.99 you can get your hands on the sexy little pay as you go Samsung E250 pink on any network which means just in time for Valentines Day.

The Samsung E250 handset is thin and compact and will make any lady want to have this slider phone. It is optimal in efficiency and functionality and highly compact, its ergonomic grip is unbeatable for comfort.

So what you waiting for, you can have the Samsung E250 pink from right now for only £49.99 from The Link — BUY NOW


2 thoughts on “Samsung E250 pink any network pay as you go for £49.99: In time for Valentines”

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    Annelise says:

    I got this phone quite a while ago it’s very nice but I have a Samsung E250V it has a V on the end overall it’s a great phone 9/10

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    sam says:

    i must agree the samsung e250 is a really good phone. you can get it in all differnt colours e.g. pink/lilic, black and silver. i recomend you buy this phone.

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