Samsung SGH D880 DuoS Mobile Video Review

What do we have here then? Well this is the Samsung SGH D880 Duos mobile phone that can use two phone lines at the same time; this means that you can use it for business and personal all at the same time.

You can put two separate SIM cards in at the same time which is pretty cool; this means you do not have to carry two phones at the same time. The Samsung SGH-D880 is not the best looking phone in the world but it is a start of not having to carry two mobiles in your pocket or bag. The good points are that it can carry two SIM cards, it has dual-standby mode and 3 megapixel camera, the downsides to the Samsung SGH D880 DuoS is that battery life is not too great when using Java apps and the phone needs to be restarted to call or text from the second line.

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