Send SMS Texts with Japanese Smileys

The smileys, originate and are mostly use in internet forums and chat rooms, but they are used on mobile phones as well, although most mobile phone smileys are usually facing sideways as in ๐Ÿ™‚

However, Japanese smileys do not require the user to wrench their head to the side to see them, and thus are perfect for the mobile phone.

The smileys below were created by Japanese internet users and are a fast and easy to use way of expression online worldwide and now can be applied to the mobile phone.

So, here we goโ€ฆ (^_^) – male smiley, (^.^) – female smiley, (^L^) or (^(^) โ€” happy, (^o^) –

laughing out loud, (-_-) – secret smile, (^_^)/ – waving hello, (;_;)/ – waving goodbye, (^_^;) โ€”

nervousness, (*^o^*) or (*^.^*) โ€” exciting, (^_~) or (^_-) โ€” winking, (;_;) or (~~>.._ –

excuse me? (^_^;;;) โ€” embarrassed, (!_!) or (o_o) โ€” shocked, (*_*) โ€” frightened,

(?_?) โ€” confused, (@_@) โ€” stunned, (=_=)~ – sleepy, (u_u) โ€” sleeping, ‘\=o-o=/’ – wearing glasses

Now go and have fun.

Source โ€” netlingo

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