Russian design Art Lebedev Studio has mobile phone concept

The humble mobile phone had caught the eye of Russian design gurus at the Art Lebedev Studio, and have developed a draft design concept mobile phone and mock up for a company called Scartel.

This concept device is a minimalist effort without programmable OLED keys, but has WiFi support along with tri-band GSM capabilities and WiMAX.

The Art Lebedev Studio, concept mobile phone sports an 850 x 480 resolution touch-screen and has an auxiliary joystick control, and two cameras, one front and one at the rear. There is also a headphone jack, USB connectivity and a microSD slot.

Not too sure it this will ever progress from concept to actual, but then one can only surmise that will be up to Scartel.

Source — pocket-lint


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    Ian Dean says:


    Anyone can draw a pretty box, and say it has everything in it. Doesn’t mean they can actually, currently do it!

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    | o |

    Look my phone has GPS, a Digital compass, 1280 x 800 3.5 inch OLED multi touch screen, dual analogue game controllers, 6 fire buttons 10 mega pixel – 3 x optical zoom camera, 10 mega pixel front facing camera, has an interface just like apples, MMS, HD Video recording, push email contacts calendars and photos, polished stainless steel enclosure, virtual buttons that feel like they press using concentrated sound waves, laser projector with image stabilizer, 50 watt virtual surround sound including subwoofer, runs for 3 weeks without charging, it can find my keys wallet and passport, and clean my house, it weights 90grams and is 6mm’s thick. I wonder if Scartel can make mine for me?

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