Do you like Mobile Phones with Free Gifts?

Silly question really, as let’s face it if it’s truly free, everyone love free gifts, right? And mobile phone retailers know when to take advantage, and are rolling out mobile phone deals with attached free gifts allowing buyers in the UK to have a field day.

Mobile phone manufacturers create handsets with unbelievable features, but competition is fierce and becoming more intense, so it’s no wonder they attach these free gifts to attract the potential buyer.

We’ve all see them, the free Xbox 360, the free Sony Playstation 3, the free Apple iPod Nano, virtually anything that has a value to a customer can be offered under various sales promotions and marketing strategies. Mostly though there is a hidden catch such as you must sign for 18 months and other stuff, but in general I’d say if you’re going for an 18 month tariff you may as well go for one that gives you something extra for your valued custom.

Source — itworld

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