HTC Touch HD now available in UK for £514.99

The guys over the pond aren’t likely to see the THC Touch HD, well they may, but it’s not often us Brits get the opportunity to say, “Look we have something you don’t!” so fellow Britons soak up the fact that the HTC Touch HD is now available in the UK.

Yes, us Brits can get our hands on this juicy Windows Mobile 6.1 packing HTC Touch HD with ultra fast 3.5 technology and 3.8 inch WVGA display sporting the touch-responsive TouchFLO 3D interface.

Devicewire are offering the HTC Touch HD without contract for the princely sum of £514.99, that’s roughly $821.00 to our missing out USA cousins.

Source — devicewire


2 thoughts on “HTC Touch HD now available in UK for £514.99”

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    palmos says:

    You said
    “Devicewire are offering the HTC Touch HD ”

    well as of 8:30am 7th Nov, they do NOT have this phone, they are one of these manipulative shops pretending to have stock, and when you have gotten all excited and are in the process of placing an order, they say it is a pre-order, ie it is NOT available right now.


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    disgustipated says:

    Seems as though ALL companies that claim to have this phone do NOT. Devicewire, mobiles.co.uk,mobilephonesdirect, voda, etc etc etc. Mobiles.co.uk claim to have had it coming weeks ago, then it was the 24th now they dont even know, they claim they are waiting on O2 to run tests on their network so they can release it, whatever that means. they have HTC phones already. I live in the states and plan on getting the phone but at this point its almost worth getting the X1 or just waiting to see if they put out this Touch XD phone that i have been reading about. Qwerty Keyboard?!?!?

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