Question: Can RIM BlackBerry Storm kill the Apple iPhone?

Now with the November 14th launch of the all new BlackBerry Storm we want to know if RIM can kill the Apple iPhone, the reason we ask this is because RIM are hoping they can.

Let’s look at a few details, the BlackBerry Storm will be launched as said on November 14 exclusive to Vodafone in the UK whereas the iPhone is exclusive to O2, Vodafone will also have a variety of prices plans as well.

Now this is RIM’s first touchscreen BlackBerry smartphone and the release of course will see the company branch out to a broader market for hi-tech lovers, at the moment the Apple iPhone dominates the market and with Research In Motion’s move into the touchscreen market as well as custom-built social networking applications like mobile instant messaging, Facebook and there March 2009 release of BlackBerry Apps we can see this being a strong fight.

I personally use the Apple iPhone 3G but can see the BlackBerry Storm being a very good contender to smack the iPhone around the face a little, we may be right we may be wrong, it is about time will tell.

The iPhone only has a 2 megapixel camera whereas the Storm has a 3.2 megapixel camera, the Storm also allows video recording whereas the iPhone does not.

The Storm features a more responsive touchscreen which has haptic feedback which will send a signal to your finger which lets you believe you are pressing a button, RIM say that they are more representative of a real keyboard.

The iPhone lacks in where the Storm becomes strong and we say that because the Storm allows you to edit Microsoft Word, PowerPoint files and of course Excel and in my eyes this is a right little winner.

Now when you look at sales and profits Apple’s profits have increased by 26 percent on October 2008 compared with the previous year with iPhone sales hitting 6.9 million iPhones given them revenues of $7.9bn.

Now looking at RIM’s numbers seem pretty interesting indeed because September 2008 showed a cool 72 percent climb in revenue with a net income of last years $495.5m to this years $2.58bn.

Question: Can RIM BlackBerry Storm kill the Apple iPhone?

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