Google Android RC30 update halts jailbreak

Word got out the other day of the Google Android jailbreak, so without little hesitation and days after the Android update RC29, Google push out the Android RC30 update, and unlike the RC29 where people had to work out what the RC29 did, the RC30 come with an explanation.

Google pushes out the RC30 update and says up front that it’s a fix for the Android jailbreak issue and says they are “currently working with our partners to push the fix out and updating the open source code base to reflect these changes.”

No inclination as to if the RC30 update includes anything else, but this particular update is on an accelerated release so should be with Androiders in the next few days.

Source — gizmodo


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    Bright Shadow says:

    Anyone who was smart renamed the security certificate archive used for OTA updates with their root abilities. Also, STOP CALLING IT A JAILBREAK! That was purely an iphone term.

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