Just 3 days to sell out Tiffany Diamond Phones

It appears that Japan doesn’t seem to be being affected by the world economic turndown, well not in the area of luxury mobile phones that is. Softbank recently launched 8 limited edition mobile handset that were encrusted with 537 diamonds from world renowned Tiffany and Co.

Each of these 8 Tiffany diamond phones commanded a price tag of 13 million yen, that’s $134,000 USD, so you would have thought they would have been pretty exclusive in as much as not your everyday person could afford them, and considering the economic climate, even if you could, one would have thought you would think about such extravagance first.

However, these 8 Tiffany diamond phones went on sale on November 1st, and only 3 days later they have all been sold; such extravagance.

Source — 3yen

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