BlackBerry Storm Winning Video: Two Girls wrestle in Chocolate

Just had to show you this video for the “What would you do for a BlackBerry Storm” competition, held by the guys over at CrackBerry, the first winner was a guy who had a BlackBerry Storm tattooed on his leg, second winner a guy crushed his old phone which was a Palm Treo ready for the new BlackBerry Storm, but I think the top prize should have gone to these two girls for the sheer lengths they went to win a BlackBerry Storm, They must have been freezing to, but hey when there is a Storm at stake what length would you go to?

The video was in New York’s Time Square and they called their BlackBerry Storm challenge “Pudding Wrestling”. Scroll down past the photo’s and enjoy the crazy “What would you do for a BlackBerry Storm” video, and we hope the girls enjoy their Storm after all this!

Source: CrackBerry

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