HTC 4G first GSM-WiMAX toting handset for Scartel

HTC has announced the launch of another high profile touch-screen mobile phone from the ever widening HTC stable, the HTC MAX 4G, and this time HTC’s expertise is going to the Russian market.

The HTC MAX 4G is being billed as the world’s first mobile phone with both integrated GSM and WiMAX radios, which of course allows HTC’s MAX 4G to jump seamlessly from GSP over to Mobile WiMAX networks.

The HTC MAX 4G with SIM inserted can make voice calls via most GSM networks while when a subscriber moves within range of Scartel’s Mobile WiMAX coverage, the HTC MAX 4G slips over to the WiMAX and reroutes all calls via the WiMAX data network as a VoIP call.

Source — intomobile


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    wimaxed says:

    I watched one of the videos (though it was in Russian and I didn’t understand much) adn it looked quite smooth for a Windows Mobile powered device. You could watch TV many channels on it and it looked pretty good. I don’t think you can do that on 3G networks, at least not at that speed and video quality. WiMAX is a winner when it comes to wireless video applications.


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