iPlayer causing ruckus between Apple and BBC

It appears that the BBC isn’t all that happy with Apple over their stance with DRM during a recent visit with Apple to talk about getting the BBC iPlayer onto Apple devices. Eric Huggers, the BBC’s recently-appointed head of new media, rolled out some big stats on the iPlayer usage.

Huggers showed that during the past 9 months from January downloads of 11.2 million to September downloads of 22.8 million meaning a daily growth from 361,000 to 759,000 during the same period.

The BBC team discussed the matter of download and the Apple iPhone, with the issue being that Apple will not licence Fairplay DRM to anyone, which means without passing content via iTunes it isn’t possible to protect premium content of mobile devices. Aunty Beeb wants to have download for the Apple iPhone and Apple iPod Touch, but Apple is still sticking to their guns over DRM licensing.

Source — rapidtvnews


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    Bruce the Barbarian says:

    My husband has an iPhone and I have an iPod Touch. We would both be delighted if we were able to have the iPlayer function on both of these sublime products.

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