Banned in Barack Obama office: BlackBerry Storm and BlackBerry 8700c

It’s no secret that the 44th president of America Barack Obama can’t leave his BlackBerry 8700c alone, he obviously loves the 8700c so much, wait until he gets his hands on the BlackBerry storm! which will be out on Verizon on November 21. So the President Elect Barack Obama is sure to upgrade, but some bad news for the commander in chief, all BlackBerry devices, so that means the BlackBerry Pearl, BlackBerry Curve, BlackBerry Bold and the long-awaited BlackBerry Storm are all banned from the Oval Office.

Seriously, Barack Obama is not allowed any Research in Motion (RIM) smartphone into the Oval Office, Obama is the first President of America who wishes for his documents and reports to be sent by email rather than having paper copies.

But as the BlackBerry devices are banned it could mean that Barack Obama would be the first President with a laptop in the Oval Office, well he did say its “time for change” and indeed it is, could you imagine George W Bush sitting in office with a laptop and a BlackBerry or indeed John McCain.

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    Sheryl says:

    It seems like he could carry a BlackBerry and he could be cc’d on emails, but not respond. It would seem like the response would be the problematical thing, not the viewing or being courtesy-copied on emails that are going to others anyway. Thoughts?

    How will the president deal with his withdrawal symptoms? Apparently, these devices are addictive, according to a university study. Read a fantasy letter to the president with some suggestions (from one BlackBerry addict to another) on how to cope. ypointofview.wordpress.com.

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    abcyesn says:

    For some reason, the stores near me are not offering any type of reserving and they all said 1st come 1st serve. SO I guess I am going to have to go old school for this phone and get to the store early and wait it out.

    There’s already a fans website http://www.Storm-Blackberry.com check it out folks.

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