T-Mobile G1 chip designer teams up with Ubuntu on netbooks

Arm the mobile chip designer for T-Mobile’s Google G1 android smartphone and various other smartphones is teaming up with Open Source Software Company Ulbuntu and will be producing a version of the operating system for netbooks and small internet browsing computers.

The new operating system is set to launch in April 2009 for Arm powered machines. The director of mobile marketing at Arm, Rob Coombs said the new Arm7 will be based around the Cortex A8 and A9 processors would also see Arm on a bigger screen format allow good viewing of Open Office programs, web browsers and videos.

He also said the netbook devices would have a much longer battery life similar to what you would get on a mobile phone. With netbooks like the OX laptop and the Eee machine from Asus the call for small on the go internet devices are growing rapidly, increasing the demand for an Arm technology-based device.

Source: bbc

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