Video: Crazy BlackBerry Storm Contest winner gets paint balled

The, What You Would Do For A BlackBerry Strom? Contest, over at CrackBerry has posted another winner video, which this time actually shows just how tough a task winning a Blackberry Storm can be.

This particular winner falls in the embarrassment and torture category with an emphasis on the torture.

The winner was Travis Carrol, and his entry was… What would I do to win a BlackBerry Storm? I would get tied up with arms and legs extended wearing only small shorts and let 10 people, each with 10 paintballs shoot at me all at the same time for 10 seconds with CrackBerry.com written across my chest!! That’s 100 paintballs!!!! For safety reasons (besides the wearing a cup) I will have on paintball certified goggles that protect my eyes nose mouth and ears. (the only real way to get hurt by a paintball is to be shot in the eye)…so it’s totally safe and very exciting for people to see!! Thanks for taking the time to read my submission and I look forward to reading crackberry.com EVERY SINGLE DAY.

I’ll leave you to view the video below, but a word of warning, the video is kind of violent

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