So how does the BlackBerry Storm compare to Google G1?

The RIM BlackBerry Storm has hit the streets, just how well the Storm has hit the streets I have no idea, maybe in a few days we’ll get some idea of just how well the latest BlackBerry is doing sales wise and what Storm owners actually think about the new Research In Motion baby.

Now that it is out I’ve been thinking about just how well the BlackBerry Storm would stack up against another highly hyped mobile handset, and no I don’t mean the Apple iPhone 3G, this time I’m wondering about the Google Android powered T-Mobile G1.

I’d like to know what our readers views are on the Blackberry Storm as against the T-Mobile G1. I know some of our readers are G1 fans and there are a few Storm fans no doubt, so why not drop me a comment letting me know what you think about your smartphone.

My question is how does the BlackBerry Storm compare to the Google G1?


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