The “8” concept twin touch-screen: But is it needed?

The concept phone, there are many, some weird and some wonderful but most not quite plausible and thus never make the light of day. One would presume a concept phone would have to attract demand to make it in the mobile phone world, and many don’t.

Here we have the 8 a hand held communications device that incorporates twin flip up touch-screens with video, dictionary, telephone and probably several other programs built in, but is there really a market for such a design?

If the “8” were to make it into mass production would there be a call for it? Is there a need for twin touch-screens? I could see it as more of a desktop type of this, maybe sitting on some big wigs office desk, but as a mobile phone, I think it would fall by the wayside to what’s already out there.

Source — yankodesign

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