LG, Nokia, Motorola and Samsung: New payment phones with NFC

If you own a Nokia, LG, Sumsung, Sagem or Motorola you will soon be able to use your mobile to pay for goods, using the Near-field Communication (NFC) technology which is being built into all the above manufacturers handsets, and are expected to be available from the middle of next year.

Is is likely that all mobile phone manufacturers including the Apple iPhone and Research in Motion (RIM) BlackBerry will adopt a version of the technology.

Trials of the technology have all resulted in positive feedback from the users, with 90 percent of Trials in France saying they found the system really easy to use and would recommend it to friends, due to the speed you can pay for your goods. Trials as are still in place as well as pay-an-wave cards from Visa and MasterCard.

Source: itpro

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