Redfly C7 and C8N: Connects too iPod, iPhone, Zune, digicam

The Redfly C7 is basically a knocked down REDFLY, a folio style Windows Mobile that was originally an 8.3 inch display and is now chopped down to a 7 inch display with losing 3 hours of its battery life, so the C7 swaps endurance and screen size for a lower weight of a couple of ounces.

Conversely you could opt for the Redfly C8N which sports an 8.3 inch display and “REDFLY Media Port” which connects to an Apple iPhone, iPos, Zune, digicam or virtually anything else that incorporates a TV-out.

One catch though is you will require a $20.00 “REDFLY Media Cable” on top of the cost of the C8N package. Both the C7 and C8N should hit the first week of December with the C7 costing $229.00 and the C8N costing $299.00.

Source — Engadget

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