Toshiba G450 space age all-in-one mobile device

The Toshiba G450 mobile phone really is an all round multi-tasking gadget. Apart from looking like it’s come from the next century it has many functions. This Toshiba creation can be used as a USB Memory stick or maybe you want to use it as your MP3 player, it’s pretty fast as it works with a 7.2Mbps HSDPA USB modem so you can use it for the internet on your laptop.

If you use the Toshiba G450 as a mobile phone you get tri-band GSM and worked at a speed of 2.7Mpbs off O2’s UK network. You also get a alarm and snooze on the G450 which you do get on most mobile phones. The only strange thing with this all singing all dancing multi-faceted device it only has 160MB of storage for MP3/AAC music playback.

You can pick the Toshiba G450 up for £140 so we think this is a pretty good deal for something that has so many uses and looks so space age.

Source: engadgetmobile