BlackBerry Storm Vs iPhone 3G: Real Browser speed test video

If you are going to do a speed test with the latest smartphone from the Research In Motion stable, the BlackBerry Storm, you may as will put it up against something worthwhile such as the Apple iPhone 3G, and that is exactly what the guys at CrackBerry have done.

It is important to remember though, the Apple iPhone 3G incorporates JavaScript Support by default, but the BlackBerry Storm 9530 ships with JavaScript support disabled.

The results were when visiting NYTimes.com the iPhone won as the Storm choked on the javascript a tad – – WSJ.com reversed the result with the Storm coming out on top – –CrackBerry.com and the Strom wins again as iPhone slows and crashes – –ArsTechnia, Storm storms through once again.

Video can be found below


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    NikkiJ says:

    Iphone is so much better then the Storm. I was with Verizon for 8 years. In May 2009 I was able to upgrade annd bought a Storm. After having it for a few month I hated it. Not being able to exchange it for a new phone, i just when to ATT and opened a new acct. I got the iPhone 3G 16G and it’s the best phone I’ve ever had. The Storm can’t compare. I hardley even use th Ipod feature. the phone is more than enough. If you can, just get the iPhone.

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