DS vs iPhone: Real Football 2009 Cross Platform Title

For a few weeks now, Real Football 2009 mobile game for the Apple iPhone has been available at the Apple iTunes App Store, and has sort of become an essential game purchase as it’s the only 3D football mobile game for the Apple iPhone.

And now, Real Football 2009 has also come out on DS, which makes Real Football 2009 the first genuine multi-format game which spans the Apple iPhone and the DS, so in a showdown which one comes out tops?

Graphic wise, the Apple iPhone comes out tops as the DS is slower and has a lower resolution. Audio the showdown comes out as a draw as both produce the same quality. Control again goes to the Apple iPhone as does multiplayer mode, so in all the winner comes out as the Apple iPhone beats the DS on Real Football 2009 hands down.

Source — gamesradar

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