Nokia N96 receiving negative customer feedback due to problems

It appears that Nokia’s flagship NSeries N96 is having a few problems, along with some software faults according to customer reports. This news brings back memories of the software crashes experienced with the Nokia N95, and one that had many customers eagerly awaiting the arrival of the updated N96.

Nokia has of course denied any problems, however some retail staff have raised concerns over the issue of negative feedback from customers especially pertaining to the BBC iPlayer service.

Although Nokia still say there is nothing wrong with the N96, a spokesperson says: “The N96 is selling really strongly across the board and we are getting great feedback about all of the entertainment options, especially BBC iPlayer. We are not getting reports of problems. Indeed, we are getting very positive feedback on the Nokia N96.”

Customers have complained about miss-entry of the message centre number for voicemail that completely disables the handset, others complain about the BBC iPlayer video buffering and crashing.

Source — mobiletoday


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