Sciphone Dream G2: The keyboard-less Android?

The Sciphone Dream G2, the Chinese take on the Android based G1 presumably, hence the G2 although the use of G2 doesn’t mean it’s the 2nd generation Google Android G1, more a fact that these particular don’t seem to have an imagination of their own to come up with a different phone name, or probably banking on people thinking “Hey, G2, got to be better than the G1 right?”

Wrong, besides looking as if it’s been slapped together using substandard materials and the appearance of a low tech school science project mock-up, there is one huge thing wrong with the Sciphone Dream G2.

Could someone explain to me just what the point is of a mobile phone without a keyboard? Yes that’s right, no keyboard, physical or virtual, which will make it considerably difficult to input and text one would think, unless of course the Chinese have come up with an audible keyboard whereby you just speak the letters; Probably not.

Source — intomobile


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