Android G1 gains Visual Voicemail via PhoneFusion

The Google Android T-Mobile G1is hoping to grab the peoples interest at Christmas and dislodge the popularity of the Apple iPhone 3G as the must have mobile handset this festive season. But what the Android and T-Mobile lack is the Apple iPhone’s Visual Voicemail.

Well that is until now as PhoneFusion now has an enabled Visual Voicemail app for Android and the T-Mobile G1 and is to debut the app before the end of 08 providing the G1-er the ability to centralize all of their voicemail boxes and see — right on the screen of their Android-powered mobile device — a list of their voicemail messages.”

Visual Voicemail allows the user to see a visual representation of their voicemail box and sorted in order. Having said that whether it will be enough to displace the Apple iPhone is highly doubtful, but G1-ers can look for the PhoneFusion Visual Voicemail app at the Android Market towards the year’s end.

Source — mobilitytoday


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