Verizon BlackBerry Storm Possible Threat to Apple iPhone

With RIM’s latest BlackBerry baby, the BlackBerry Storm 9530 shifting out like a rabbit on heat, and queues forming at Verizon Wireless stores as it when on sale, people are beginning to wonder if the BlackBerry Storm can pose a big threat to the Apple iPhone 3G.

Yes, the BlackBerry Storm sold out with Verizon, at a Manhattan Verizon store a queue of 200 formed and within an hour of opening all Storms were sold out. But let’s be brutally honest here, it’s definitely not on the scale of the Apple iPhone 3G launch.

The Vodafone Group, one of Verizon’s two parent companies in Europe is also reporting difficulties coping with customer traffic for the BlackBerry Storm.

But once again we are seeing the hype that this could mean the Storm is a big threat to the iPhone, the illusive “iPhone killer” that everyone hopes to see, well sorry but I don’t think it is, yeah it may be doing well, but a threat I don’t think so.

Source — themoneytimes

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