BlackBerry Bold and T-Mobile G1 get the colorware treatment

Are you BlackBerry crazy but bored with the same standard color? Well if you have Research in Motions BlackBerry Bold then you can get a funky new color from colorware, it’s not been made clear if you can get it for the BlackBerry Storm, BlackBerry Pearl or Curve but I’m sure that if not now, it will be available very soon.

Not only is BlackBerry getting the colorware treatment, if you own Google’s T-Mobile G1 and want to change the color then look no further, for just $150 they will color your G1 for you, and if you haven’t already brought the G1 the guys over at colorware will send you a gorgeous new G1 in the color you chose for $725, ouch that is pretty expensive. The BlackBerry Bold is a little cheaper at $139 if you send the phone to them and $674 and they send you a brand new BlackBerry Bold in your chosen color.

If you are a person who likes to stay individual this could be perfect for you, stand out from the crowd be bold and get the colorware treatment.

Source: Product-reviews


One thought on “BlackBerry Bold and T-Mobile G1 get the colorware treatment”

  1. m goode says:

    These colorways are sick! I would love to see some of these released for the Motorola Krave. (motorola.com/krave) I like the krave because it has a full touch screen with digital qwerty / T9 Keyboard. I’ve been a fan of this thing ever since I started working with motorola. It’s awesome.