Nokia E17 Rogers promotion at $49.99

The Nokia E17 pricing structure has been a little confusing of late, yesterday we were informed that the Nokia E17 was available on Rogers for $99.99 with that you have to sign a three year contract and today we have news from the Rogers store that the Nokia E17 is available for $49.99 on a three year contract as a special promotion.

You will have to take out a minimum of $45 voice and data plan for 3 years on Rogers to get the Nokia E17 for $49.99 but if you were already thinking of getting this Nokia then we can’t think of a better time to buy it, especially if you are in Canada.

We don’t know when this offer will end so if you want the E17 then you should get to Rogers pronto.

Source: intomobile


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    freejam says:

    The Nokia E71 now comes with the facility to download maps either via the internet WiFi at home or your mobile service provider. The Nokia/Ovi web site has not been amended it still suggests the maps are downloaded as files but it's now automatic.

    Set up the Maps facility under menu item GPS to get map data from your WiFi or mobile internet. You may need to enter IP, DNS etc for the home Wifi – I did but I've got a funny French router. Open Maps and select Find Places then enter a well known area you want maps for e.g. London UK. Once connected the E17 merrily downloads the map data – just cursor around to get data from different places – the map data is stored automatically on the memory card. I've got lots of the UK, France, Spain and Italy downloaded and used about 200Mb of the 2Gb card that comes with the E17.

    To find your specific maps easily put the cursor over a well known landmark and press the big button and select Save Place – you can then go straight to the location by selecting Favourites from the Maps menu. You can access the maps whilst off-line for using the Sat Nav in overseas countries without incurring massive download costs.

    The Sat Nav does take a bit of time to get the hang of. First thing set up your home location – your house, for example. Save the places you want to travel between in Favourites. Select Plan Route and add places on your route – it can be point to point or via a series of places. Save your route – the route is set up in the order you add the places. When you first use the Sat Nav you can download voice commands in different voices and levels of detail.

    I got this phone as a free upgrade it is great.

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