White HTC Touch Diamond: a rare beast is pictured

There are certain things that almost gain legendary status due to their rarity. You know the sort of thing, something that has been shown, talked about a lot, speculated upon, but not actually been able to get the real deal in anyone’s hands.

Such is the much talked about yet ever evasive white HTC Touch Diamond, you are aware it exists but actually finding a white HTC Touch Diamond is about a rare as winning the lottery, a sort of Holy Grail of mobile phones if you will.

But it must really exist as a website called ePrice has some hands on images of this mystical white clad beast. It would be good for the white Touch Diamond to make an appearance worldwide, but secretly I kinda like the idea of it being so elusive.

Source — dailymobile


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    Erick says:

    In the Netherlands, this beast is being marketed as ‘Ice White’: there are commercials on the radio and billboards all around for this baby. Not so exclusive, I suppose 😉

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