Christmas sales: Apple, BlackBerry, Nokia, T-Mobile who will win?

Christmas is almost upon us, and the big names in the mobile world are all vying for the Christmas shopper’s hard earned cash. Kids everywhere will be asking for the latest tech gadget and they will undoubtedly include many requests for a new mobile phone.

So, parents be prepared to be inundated with I want an Apple iPhone, or I want a BlackBerry Storm, or I want a T-Mobile G1, I want a Nokia N96 or can I have a touch-screen mobile?

The choice is wide ranging as there are so many new mobile handsets out there, but I’m guessing most will be wanting those that I have mentioned. So the question occurred to me just who would be the successor in the Christmas battle for supremacy?

So readers, who do you think will sell the most over Christmas and gain the title?


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  • Moody Blues

    G1 all the way!

    Here’s why – it does everything the others do, has the coolness factor comparable to iPhone, and is way way cheaper. The others dont stand a chance.

    Even so, a lot of corporate types will buy the Storm

  • jSnowden2

    I agree corporate types will buy the Storm. I plan to purchase the new iPhone for my husband. We love Apple products and he needs to upgrade his dinosaur 40G iPod anyhoo. It’s 6 years old now and looking rough.

    Many electronic gadgets are cheaper in the US- if you need a US Address to forward your purchases from, check out . Very good website, I just utilized for my Christmas toy spree :)

    merry merry.

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