Amazon Remembers App for Apple iPhone: Unbelievable

The Apple iPhone app is called “Amazon Remembers” and it does just that, you simply walk into a store on the high street, pick something you want to buy, instead of taking it to the check-out, you whip your Apple iPhone out, take a photograph, send the photograph to Amazon through the Amazon Remembers App, then Amazon gets to work, looks for a similar product in its inventory, then once it has found the same product, it will store it for you and allow you to purchase it ready for delivery.

The Amazon app was made available today (December 3), and is said to simplify shopping by using the iPhone and the iPod Touch, (and I guess increase Amazons sales revenue too).

Amazon said that the software allows access to other retailers like Macy’s and Target, but the one click shopping is purely focused on Amazon.

Back in April Amazon set up a mobile service called TextBuyIt, this allows the consumer to text their order to Amazon, once you reply to the Amazon text you get back the order is confirmed and will be dispatched.

Source: informationweek