Truphone app for Apple iPod Touch enables VoIP calls

The Apple iPod Touch has always been in the shadow that is overcast by the Apple iPhone simple because the Apple iPod Touch can do everything the Apple iPhone can with the exception of making calls. However, this is about to change as Truphone has launched Truphone for iPod Touch, and with this free software the iPoder will be able to make calls via VoIP.

Calls via the Truphone application are free, and well everyone loves free right? Once an iPoder installs the Truphone application they will of course require a microphone adapter, but don’t worry as Truphone has that under control and will be launching one quite soon.

Some of the features of the Truphone for iPod are…free calls when calling Skype and MSN, check and set facilities for Twitter and Facebook for free, free IM to MSN and Skype, call landlines at reduced cost by setting up a Truphone account.

Source — product-reviews

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