Video: Nokia N97 hands-on review by Engadget

The guys over at Engadget have been having some real juicy playtime with the Nokia 97, and say the Nokia N97 is probably the most stunning and greatest S60 mobile handset to date.

Although after playing with the Nokia N97 for a while they aren’t too sure whether the N97 is going to be the much sort after Apple iPhone killer, or even a BlackBerry Storm killer, or any other killer for that matter.

Basically they take the Nokia though the rigours of a hands-on review and come up with several things that Nokia N97 hopefuls are going to find hard to swallow, so nip over there to read the facts and view the images, and they also made a hands-on video which you can view below


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    Digi says:

    There is no such thing as late entry when it comes to phones – Not when the demand for high end devices is still out there.

    Remember – Iphone, G1, and N95/N96 users make up just under 7% of the overall market so far. Plenty of room to expand and the demand is there.

    Iphone – Great until you want to 2 things at the same time.
    G1 – A mobile advert
    N97 – If its as good in my hands as it is on paper then it will be the phone setting the standard for all future devices.

    Dont forget – Nokia is the leader

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    Lily_x says:

    this is the worst mobile phone i had in my life,it’s just so horrible,i can’t believe it.it was freezing any time and i often couldnt accept calls or hang up when i finished conversation,the touchscreen is plain stupid,keep pressing numbers with my cheek,even accidently delete the voice messages while listening to them! the internet is slow,you cant upload picture in email,couldnt transfer the pics and music into or from the phone,it said the memory was full-when all it had was like 40photos in the whole 32GB space! After 4months of use the battery started playing up and you had to charge the phone for 2days to get energy for a few hours of use,but after 2weeks the battery just died and doesnt respond to charger,its just dead and i have to use my old nokia phone which have a constantly dying battery too,plus i cant get my pictures and phone numbers from the nokia 97 memory because the failed battery.All i’m saying is AVOID! AVOID! AVOID! this phone.cheers x

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    guest says:

    the nokia n97 is the worst phone i have ever had,soon as i am due a upgrade im going to enjoy smashing mine up thats how rubbish and slow it is,avoid at every single cost please

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