Nokia N97 to use ARM11 rather than OMAP 3 processor?

The word is that Nokia has decided to stick with the same ARM11 processor for the Nokia N97 rather than opting for the newer Texas Instruments OMAP 3 chip and if the rumour is true it will come as a big disappointment if they hoped the Nokia flagship N97 would take advantage of OMAP 3.

The rumour has it that the Nokia N97 will be “as fast or faster” than Nokia’s E71 smartphone with the ARM11 clocked higher than previously used in mobile handsets. Which means the Nokia N97 will be the fastest handset available, but still raises questions on whether the Nokia N97 should be considered a MID replacement.

Nokia is currently saying that the Nokia N97 will have 430 hours GSM standby, 400 hours WCDMA or 6.6 hours GSM talk time 5.3 hours WCDMA.

Source — slashgear

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