Casio Exilim NX-9250 seen at FCC possibly for Verizon

New documentation over at the FCC has revealed details on a new mobile phone from Casio, the Casio Exilim NX-9250, a dual-band CDMA/EV-DO Rev.A mobile handset.

The Casio Exilim NX-9250 according to said FCC documentation will also incorporate Bluetooth, but as these document are preliminary approval docs there’s very little else to go by. Other than the Exilim branding is usually designated to Casio digital cameras.

We would however take a guess that the Casio Exilim NX-9250 is probably heading for Verizon Wireless as a high end Casio cameraphone although as yet Casio or the Big Red haven’t commented.

Source — Engadget

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