Neo 808i fashion phone is still around.

Way back in 2006 the Neo 808i mini fashion phone was first introduced, since then a great deal has happened in the mobile phone arena, and yet this diminutive mobile phone has hung in there.

The guys over at Engadget Chinese finally got to grips with a pink Neo 808i and have given it the once over. The Neo 808i measures 72 x 41 x 14mm and weighs only 90grams.

The Neo 808i fashion phone features tri-band GSM 900/1800/1900Mhz radio, FM radio, Bluetooth, USB 2.0, microSD expansion slot, TFT colour screen, and a battery with 2 hours talk time, and 100 hours standby time. The Neo 808i costs HK$1,380.

Source — Engadget


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    michael shotton says:

    I have commented on many sites that I would like to purchase this phone but do not know a supplier or the price. I have managed to get information out of M.I.5 a lot quicker than this. If you do not wish to give me this info, Then at least tell me why you mention this phone in the first place. I have now searched the internet for five weeks and still no joy. I am now starting to doubt that this phone actually exists.

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