Will Nokia, BlackBerry or Apple win Christmas Sales?

The mobile phone battle lines have been drawn up for the Christmas fight to win in the sales arena, but who is the most likely to make the most sales of mobile handsets over the Christmas period?

There are several giants within the mobile arena who all want people’s hard earned cash as they spent out for the mobile phone Christmas present. Each vies for that cash, Nokia, BlackBerry, and Apple to name just a few.

The festive season holds potential big bucks for the one who can draw the most customers, but which one of just these will triumph. Nokia has several handsets, BlackBerry has the popular Storm and Curve 8900 and Pearl Flip, and Apple, well Apple has the mighty iPhone 3G.

Personally I think Apple will snatch the Christmas crown, I could be wrong, and many wouldn’t agree. Maybe another will sneak in to take the Christmas sale, it is always possible.

So readers, which in your view will win the Christmas Sales Crown?


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