iPhone $99 dies as Wal-Mart sell for $197 for 8GB

Will it, won’t it, can it, who really knows? I am of course talking about Wal-Mart and the Apple iPhone. There has been a rumour floating round that Wal-Mart is to sell the Apple iPhone 3G for just $99.00, and well apparently it turns out that it is exactly that…just a rumour.

The guys over at Engadget have posted a letter which they believe is valid and from a source within Wal-Mart which seems to confirm Wal-Mart will indeed be selling the Apple iPhone as of 9am on the 28th of December,

But, no mention of any $99.00, rather they are to sell the 8GB iPhone for $197.00 and the 16GB iPhone for $297.00 and both will carry a two year AT&T agreement. So that seems to but the $99.00 Wal-Mart iPhone well in the grave doesn’t it.

Source — Engadget

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