Mobile phones to be main future of internet access by 2020

According to a survey of analysts, activists and internet leaders it has apparently found that by the year 2020 the top way of accessing the World Wide Web won’t be via a desktop PC or laptop but via the mobile phone.

Which really in itself isn’t that surprising with the advancement in mobile technology getting better and better every year. The laptop is getting smaller, and well if people are looking for a small device to access the internet then surely the smartphone is the way to go.

Although these internet leaders and such simply couldn’t agree on whether this widespread access would “lead to more social tolerance, more forgiving human relations, or better home lives.”

Er, excuse me but this is the internet we are speaking about, it doesn’t solve world problems and stuff. The use of accessing the internet isn’t going to make a person more social tolerable or forgiving is the next few years.

Source — pewinternet

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