RIM BlackBerry Storm OS update: Verizon set to approve

BlackBerry Storm users should be aware that the Storm OS update from Research in Motion (RIM) that’s around at the moment is an unofficial version, however it’s likely that Verizon (NYSE:VZ) will be approving it anytime now, some say approval could come as early as this evening.

So if you are downloading the unofficial version that has been leaked then do so with upmost caution, although it has been said by various BlackBerry Storm users that the unofficial update is pretty solid, and that lots of improvements to their Storm have been made.

The OS unofficial update is said to be much better than the which was leaked on December 19, with features such as the accelerometer working much quicker, with many bugs being fixed and the overall typing response being much faster.

It seems that if Research in Motion (RIM) had launched the BlackBerry Storm originally with the OS, the launch would have been close to perfect.

Source: Gizmodo


6 thoughts on “RIM BlackBerry Storm OS update: Verizon set to approve”

  1. Reply
    Mark says:

    I updated to .83 a couple of days back, it really improved the performance of the mobile. So definably looking forward for .85 update

  2. Reply
    bryan says:

    dont do the leaks totally screws up your phone just had to get my replaced wait for official release from the carrier

  3. Reply
    Mike says:

    .90 is where its at … and if you don’t know what you’re doing don’t do it or you’ll end up bricking your BB like bryan did

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