Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 has case cracking issues?

What is it with top range mobile phones these days and casing cracks? The Apple iPhone 3G suffered from cracking and now it appears Sony Ericsson is facing the same kind of problem with their Xperia X1 handset.

The web is beginning to notice a rather large amount of complaints building about the cracking of the Xepria casing, which could possible indicate that this problem is widespread. Not that we are saying it is happening everywhere and with every handset of course, but it does give cause for concern.

Could this be a reason Sony Ericsson and HTC are parting company? Maybe Sony Ericsson has some quality issues with HTC they haven’t mentioned.

Anyway, if any of our readers owns an Xperia X1 and is suffering cracking problems then let us know.

Source — XDA


10 thoughts on “Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 has case cracking issues?”

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    Alan Murphy says:

    I have had the experia for 2 months and I have no cracks on the case what so ever. I would point out, that i have noticed it slow down a little when texting. It no longer keeps up with me when i am typing, and it is not because i type faster, it is waaay behind me.

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    james dean says:

    ive had an xperia for 2 months also, and have recently noted a crack where the camera is in the back casing. woul dit have killed SE to use sturdier material for such an expensive phone?? the web is full of ppl having the same problem.so i guess its a question of “when” rather than “if”.

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    Alan Murphy says:

    A little update from my Jan 22nd post.

    I also now have a crack over the lens of the camera, it just kind of appeared. Its a shame, it is an excellent phone but the quality of manufacturing is quite poor for SONY to put their name on.

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    james dean says:

    i agree Alan. ive returned mine to o2 and hopefully they r gonna get it fixed.if it appears again (which seems quite likely) im gonna ask for a refund and get one when they have sorted this issue out for sure.I also emailed SE and they asked me to mail it to them to get it fixed.But o2 seems a easier option.

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    Eric Soh says:

    This is true for my silver Xperia has develop crack today (10th April-2009). I bought it in February 2009. The crack is at the corner of battery near to the camera and the volume control button. I have brought it to the the attention of SONY Ericsson, service centre. And I hope that they would acknowledge it, and replace it with a new and different batch. My guess is that they are using a cheap plastic that would not be able to take the stress, thus crack. Couple the heat that has been generated by the battery, it will accelerate and reduce the lifetime of the plactic, ie reduce the allowable stress of the plastic. It seems that Sony Ericsson has decided not to use HTC anymore for the production of Xperia. I think there is quality issue on the Sony Ericsson Xperia models. It is really ashame for SONY to have such a lousy product.

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    Maurice says:

    Have the Xperia for a few months now, and i noticed a crack from the stylus opening to the corner. From the start there was a thin line which looked like a tiny scratch, but now it is cracked along this line. Love the phone, but unfortunately they took a plastic housing for the camera instead of aluminum.

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    Kelly says:

    I have got my friend to get me this phone from Hong Kong because it is much cheaper as I live in England. What I am getting at is the x1 develops a problem what could I do? I can’t take it back to the phone shop in Hong Kong to get it fixed. Im with o2 pay as you go but I doubt they would do anything since I didn’t buy the phone from them.

    Im nervous and I haven’t even got the phone yet. lol….

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    ravi india says:

    i have bought the x1 silver phone just a week ago on 20th nov 2009 and it get cracked in just 2nd day of usege. it is cracked at volume controle side. here all have the same problem with x1. it is still craking whatever the production batch. my phone is of 09w35 batch. i think it is due to low quality plastic use. which do not tollrate the heat genereted by processor . plastic expand on heating so the cracked. it may be case designing fault. because lots of x1 user have similar crack at similar positon.
    the main point where xi cracke is
    1. near the volume controle
    2. inside battry compartment
    3. near the stylus.
    do not take easy it is the quality issue of sony erricsson. go to the seller or service center and demand new with further assurense or try to get your purchaging price. because if u get new one then that will also crack at the same place and u cant do anything except seeing the crak. afterall one year is in run and sonyericsson do nothinf for it.. in my word phone is the best on performense but worst in hardware quality..
    with regards
    ravi india

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    ronald sanchez says:

    my X1 also cracked. I suspect its due to the weak body plastic casing (where the battery and the sim card are located) and it is due to hard opening of the battery case. Maybe the casing was fair only if Sony made the battery cover easy to open. My nails almost cracked too everytime i open the back cover. and the casing bends and then it cracks.

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