Apple iPhone in the Pink on eBay?

If you are an iPhoner who has been looking for a different colour Apple iPhone maybe you’d like to nip over to eBay as they apparently have a pink…yes that’s pink, Apple iPhone up for grabs.

The seller believes that this is the only pink Apple iPhone on the market, and judging by the text on the back of the pink iPhone is enough to convince it isn’t simply a ColorWare job.

However there are no images of the boxing so it could be some OEM in Asia who are pushing out custom colours, but who knows. However, if you are an iPhoner looking for that pink prezzie for Valentines Day for your iPhoning lover, maybe this would be the perfect choice.

Source — eBay


One thought on “Apple iPhone in the Pink on eBay?”

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    sophie says:

    i really do not think that this is the only pink iphone out there i mean, c’mon if that was the only one i doubt the ebayer would be selling it for only £600. I would sell it for much more than that

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