Lindsay Lohan struts half naked with her BlackBerry Bold

Lindsay Lohan is a great fan of Research in Motions (RIM) BlackBerry Bold, perfect to keep in touch with her lesbian lover Samantha Ronson. The pair has been inseparable since the revelations of their love affair hit the headline last year.

The guys over at CrackBerry posted photos of Lindsey Lohan on a beach gripping her BlackBerry Bold in one hand and strutting along in a black bikini, it’s not sure at this point if Samantha was soaking up the rays with her, but one thing for sure the BlackBerry Bold was the perfect accessory on the beach, maybe she was off to get some lunch?

It’s actually the first sighting of a celebrity with a BlackBerry in 2009 by the guys at crackBerry but its sure to be the first of many, question is will the BlackBerry Storm beat the BlackBerry Bold in celebrity status in 2009? Check out the photos below, let us know what you think.

Source: CrackBerry


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    Lucinda says:

    She used to be so beautiful and healthy with her red hair.. WHAT HAPPENED? I know drugs and fame! **FLUSH** that is lindsay's career going down the toilet!

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