Lack of mobile games lead to proclamation of Worst Macworld Ever

Apparently as far as the gaming world goes, Gadget Lab is proclaiming Macworld as the “Worst Macworld Ever,” due to the distinctive lack of mobile games.

However Apple is making a big thing for the portable mobile game arena and one would assume there would be loads of mobile game developers at Macworld showing off their goods, but for some reason this isn’t the case.

One was there though apparently, Freeverse who showed off an upcoming racing game which is based on Days of Thunder and Apple had an abundance of Apple iPod Touch handsets preloaded with already released games, but apart from that there was nothing.

Seems like the mobile game developers have opted right out of Macworld this year.

Source — wired


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    wilburforce says:

    Its MacWorld! not iPhone world. If they want to see mobile games log onto the AppStore. No one is travelling all teh way to SF just to see the latest iPhone Apps – silly nillies – the latest are posted instantly online, its the new world ordering. All others need to wake up to this new reality.

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