Vodafone BlackBerry Storm 9500: OS leaked

So for all those RIM BlackBerry Storm owners on Vodafone (NYSE:VOD) who are willing to take the chance, you can now download OS, although at your own risk as this is a unofficial version, we did get the leaked version of the OS for the BlackBerry Storm 9530 back on December 27 and we got pretty good feedback, but like we always say only do this if you are comfortable updating with un-official software.

If you want to take the risk and download the OS software, then you can check out the CrackBerry forums, you will find tutorials on there to help you, you should bear in mind that the leaked versions and not always perfect, although it may be better in some aspects it may falter in others.

So if you are completely unsure if you should download onto your BlackBerry Storm my advice is to wait until the 9500 finding threads and discussions are packed with advise and data from the guys over at CrackBerry.

Download Storm 9500 OS here

Source: CrackBerry